A Beautiful Birthday Present

A birthday present from my lovely friends Lisa & Philippe.
Thank you so much for this incredibly beautiful and thoughtful gift.
This is actually my first Michael Kors product ever. I can’t believe it’s mine!
I really should start to treat myself some nice things, but I almost never do that.
There must be a change!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.12.53 Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.12.41

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Two Good-Looking Guys

Now I’m finally done with an order for a customer consisting of two illustrations!
I was very pleased with the illustrations, but it is also thanks to the good-looking models of course.
I hope that they also were pleased with the results.
It’s so much fun to do commissions! I hope I can get more commisions and collaborations with both private persons and companies. So if you are interested in getting your very own illustration, just contact me!

Jonas Carl

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Get Things Done

Today I sat in the studio and was working hard on an order that I’m almost finished with. I’m so very pleased with myself when I get in a good flow and get a lot of things done. Imagine what a cup of tea, some music and inspiration can do for you. I hope this flow will hold on, because I really need it right now.
I really need to catch up with everything after being sick for a whole week!
But now I’m back and I’m so happy for that!

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Beauty Event & After Work

Beauty Event and After Work together with the brand October Stockholm and Isabella Jedler at Lifestyle Store.
You could get styled at the event while enjoying champagne and snacks. The Makeup artist and model Isabella Jedler was there and gave her tips and tricks for a successful makeup. You could mingle with influencers and have a sneak peek in the new magazine Lifestyle Woman by Lifestyle Publishing.

Thank you for a wonderful event!

IMG_0433 Klar

IMG_0431 Klar IMG_0435 Klar IMG_0436 Klar IMG_0443 Klar IMG_0445 Klar IMG_0471 Klar IMG_0477 Klar

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Work & Soul

Right now I’m sitting in the studio and working hard. In the background I have a spotify list playing called
Soulful Dinner, which gives a really good feeling while I draw. There is nothing better than having inspiring music and work with something you love. I recommend this list for those who like soft and sweet soul music.

Tonight I’m going home to my mother to celebrate her birthday with friends, good food and drinks.
Hope you have a lovely Friday!

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