Date Night At Prinsen

Yannick and I recently had a little date night on an ordinary Thursday.
We both have been really busy with school and work, so we wanted to go out and have a meal together at
restaurant Prinsen.
So we went there and had a nice and relaxing time in the beautiful environment and just talked.
Sometimes you just have to sit down and take a little break from everything.
The food at Prinsen was really good, I really recommend it!

I love our date nights darling!

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Lambretta Watches

In collaboration with Lambretta Watches.

I love my new watch from Lambretta!
Do you want one for yourself? Or do you want to buy one and give away as a gift?

Use the code nathalieannagill when you buy your watches through and you will get a
15 % discount!
Free worldwide shipping on all watches.
2-year international warranty.
Satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Go and get your watch now!

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A Weekend In Helsingborg

Two weeks ago we went to Helsingborg for my youngest little brother’s baptism.

The first day, Yannick and I rented a car and drove down with my two other little brothers, Max and Elliot.
The second day there was a baptism and lunch. Then we went to the harbor, walked around and ate some dinner.
The last day we ate a hotel breakfast and walked around in town, then we took the car and went home again.

It was so much fun to meet my whole family again! I have really missed them.
I don’t get to meet them so often because I live in Stockholm and all of them live in Växjö and Helsingborg.
And I got to have all my little brothers gathered! Samuel, Max, Elliot and Kenzo.

Thank you all for a great weekend!

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Event With Lifestyle Publishing & Lambretta Watches

I was recently on an event with Lifestyle Publishing in collaboration with Lambretta Watches.
The event was held at Precious Fair at the Stockholm Fair.
At the event we got to look at all the beautiful watches while sipping on some wine and mingle.
They also talked a little about the brand and about their new collaboration with the two bloggers Kissie and Foki.

Thank you for a lovely event!

55DCB43B-0B40-4DC0-9D05-D80AD1B76FB6 B8251937-9D00-4A96-A558-93B31431A43A 09C86098-FBB7-40EC-AB9D-2D689D29AC2E 781EBDA9-7B56-40B3-9653-2DCC4F4B90A7 90A19537-87E4-4B67-AF13-D370E832F9F1 23C72087-E0F5-408B-8818-85D90FEDB205 E2DA2794-53CC-4401-BACE-7EA6ED06CBD8 CB6B59E4-9464-4B4D-ABDC-0DF465DEECB4 386234A1-127F-4CCB-AA82-C5345013FE67 0B0062C0-21AD-48B6-9301-13F07C8AA2DE 06AD6354-0BA2-48EC-971A-CBF954857186 7472D957-2232-4E35-8BF6-04F35BA5722B 9F1630A8-B754-4BA4-B33D-7631C40064C3Platin and Jenny are looking good with the scooter.

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Beauty Event With Lifetime Clinic

I was recently at a exclusive beauty event at Lifetime Clinic in Kista.

We where picked up by a bus in town that took us all the way to the clinic.
During the evening, we got to hear about their different treatments and looked closer at their revolutionary CoolSculpting, which is an effective method of fat reduction.
All the guests were served food and drinks and at the end everyone received a goodiebag.

Thank you Lifetime Clinic for a great event!

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Dunkin’ Donuts

I have always been weak for donuts!

When I was traveling in Korea and Japan a couple of summers ago, we discovered
Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme.
And a few years later Dunkin’ Donuts finally came to Sweden!
Now I’m just waiting for Krispy Kreme to come here too.
That would have been amazing!

What’s your favourite donut place?


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