Some time ago, Yannick and I was invited Yasuragi to see their premises as they have been renovating.
We went on a bus from the City Terminal in Stockholm together with Bindefeld‘s amazing employees who are the ones who arranged this event.
When we arrived, we were taken care of by several of Yasuragi’s management and were referred to one of their meeting rooms where we received a welcome from Yasuragi’s CEO and a presentation by DAP Architects who together with the people at Yasuragi created this new meeting place and oasis.
They told us that they had taken a study trip to Japan to collect inspiration and knowledge about how to rearrange and develop their mood/feeling.
They also told us that they will open a new restaurant called Saishoku (Vegetable Eater in Japanese), serving a vegan and a totally raw menu.

And after the event we all got a beautiful goodie bag.

Thank you Bindefeld and Yasuragi for a fantastic event!

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Högberga Gård

Collaboration with Högberga Gård

Yannick and I had the honor of staying overnight at Högberga Gård and eating Christmas dinner.
I have wanted to go to Högberga Gård for a very long time now.
The day when Yannick and I marry, this is really a strong candidate.
There is a castle by the nature, water and a spa, what more can you ask for.

The spa was amazing!
We had to sit outside in a warm pool and watch the beautiful view with a drink in your hand.
Felt quite right!

The Christmas table was huge, there was so much food to choose from.
You got such a cozy Christmas feeling of sitting in those nice rooms and eating the good food.
Everyone was so happy and had a nice time.

Thank you very much Högberga Gård!

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