Hello Everyone

Hello everyone!

I felt it was time to change my website a little bit, so I did!
I have also been missing blogging for a while now, so I thought I would give it another chance.
So this is my new website/blog and it feels great! This page is a bit under construction, so it might look a little crazy sometimes. But the end result will probably look great!

Small presentation of myself.
My name is Nathalie Anna Gill and I work as an Illustrator & Designer. I’m self employed and I love it! So come with me and see how my little life looks like a self-employed.
I live in a cozy apartment in Stockholm, Sweden with my lovely boyfriend Yannick. Both me and my guy are from small towns from the beginning, I’m from Växjö and my dude is from Vänersborg. So we are two small-town people that met in the capital. I moved here with the family as a teenager and I do not regret a second of it.

For now I decided to write in English because everything on my website is in English so that everyone can understand and follow me on my blog if they want to. I hope it’s okay for you Swedish readers too.

So welcome to my new website/blog! I hope you will like it!


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