A Perfect Ending To Easter

Today has been a very peaceful and relaxing day.

Me and my boyfriend decided to just stay home and cuddle all day.
We went to a lovely little café called Kringelgården. We just sat there, talked and drank coffee.
And then we went back home again.

Now we are going to watch a movie and eat some popcorn.
A perfect ending to Easter.

IMG_0903 IMG_0909 IMG_0910

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

It’s been really nice with a little time off.
I have spent time with some friends and my family.
But I have also worked on my portfolio to a school I’m applying to.
And tonight we will have dinner with some friends again.
It has been a good Easter!


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Chanel, I Need You In My Life

Chanel, I need you in my life.

God, I want this wonderful perfume!
It is called Coco Mademoiselle and this is the description of the perfume from chanels website.


Irresistibly sexy, irrepressibly spirited.
A sparkling Oriental fragrance that recalls a daring young Coco Chanel.
An absolutely modern composition with a strong yet surprisingly fresh character.


Sparks of fresh and vibrant Orange immediately awaken the senses.
A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of Grasse Jasmine and May Rose.
The scent finally unfurls with the vibrant accents of Patchouli and Vetiver.

So you might understand why I want this amazing perfume.



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Beautiful Floor

Beautiful floor in Sturegallerian.

Today has been an exciting day.
I was at an inspiring meeting with a printing company.
We sat and discussed my new project I have going on.
They showed me a lot of samples and I got to ask all my questions that I had.
I’m so excited to see the result of everything!


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New Logo

I’m trying out a new logo.
What do you think?

I have wanted to upgrade my logo for quite some time now, but it never happened because of lack of inspiration.
But I’m pretty happy with it now. It still does not feel quite right, but I guess I just have to get used to it.
Maybe I’ll change it again later in the future. Or maybe not, maybe this is the logo I will use all my life!
I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Ny NAG Logga

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Inspirational Fabrics

Inspirational fabrics.

I was recently at Tygverket here in Stockholm and looked for some inspirational and beautiful fabrics.
I was looking for a fabric to use for a garment I’m making.
I’m going to use it as a portfolio for a school that I’m applying for.
There were so many incredible and beautiful fabrics, but I think I made the right decision in the end.

What do you think?

IMG_0659 IMG_0636 IMG_0634

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Tea Time

It is such a beautiful weather today!
Spring is in the air, I can feel it.

Me and my boyfriend went out and sat down at a cafe.
We went to the cafe Konditoriet in Sturegallerian here in Stockholm. I had such a craving for a nice cup of tea.
It is so inspiring in Sturegallerian. I try to go there as often as I can.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying the weather!

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Eight Years

Today we have been together for eight years!
And I love you more each day.

I can’t believe it’s been eight years! It’s crazy how fast time goes by.
You’re the best there is and I do not know what I would have done without you.
We have so much fun together! You make me laugh every day, you’re always there for me when I need you
and you always support me in everything I do.
I look forward to spend the rest of my life with you.

Love you!

IMG_0813 IMG_0628 IMG_3163 IMG_0372 IMG_1973 IMG_1974

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Working With Portfolios

I’m sitting in the studio and working with portfolios for two different schools that I have applied to this autumn.
I really hope that I’ll be accepted in to at least one of them. Both of them seems very great and fun!
I have not studied for a long time now, so it would be fun to be a student again. Even though I’m already working as a freelance Illustrator and Designer, I think it’s really important to never stop learning new things. I do not know everything! So I felt like it was time for a higher education so that I can become even better at what I do. And who knows, it might lead to a whole new direction for my career. But it will of course always be something with illustration and design. That’s what I want to work with all of my life.


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Monday Inspiration

Monday inspiration.
Work like a boss!

Aaah Monday. Many people do not like this day, but I do! Because I love what I do so I always long for Mondays.
I almost think sometimes that weekends are a little bit annoying because then I have to take it easy and not work.
But I have promised myself to try to take it easy and not work on weekends.
Otherwise I would have probably worked myself to death!
Anyway, what I wanted to say was I love Mondays.
I get to come to my studio, my safe place where I can express my inspiration.

Where do you get inspiration from?


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