This Monday was the Opening Night of the #TomorrowNightInSweden exhibition at Designgalleriet here in Stockholm where students from Berghs School of Communication exhibited their works concerning a project where the students were presenting their personal views on the future of design.

My friend Lisa Liljenberg (owner of Cilantro Studios) was a part of that exhibition and did a fantastic piece with a handmade handbag entirely created with/of paper! And it also looked really good! I would totally wear a handbag made out of paper if it looked this great. I am open to a future with paper accessories.
She had worked so hard on it and I was very proud of her!

IMG_07092 1490115744-14659 1490115860-14659 1490115741-14659

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What Would I Do Without you

Sorry that I’ve been a little bad on updating the blog, but I have been sick for quite a while now.
It is so terribly frustrating when you just want to work, meet friends and family or just go outside. But I’m starting to feel a little better now, so I will soon be back on my feet.

I could not have done anything without my amazing boyfriend Yannick.
He is always there during tough times and he takes care of me. And he makes me smile and laugh every day!
What would I do without you.


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Couples Portrait

Another order done!
I hope that they will be satisfied with their new couples portrait.
It is really fun to make some illustrations of couples sometimes.
It requires a little more time and concentration when it is more than one person in the picture.
Maybe some day I will make a whole family portrait!
That would had been exciting and really challenging for me.

Roger & Harriet

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My First Exhibition 

A throwback from when I exhibited my illustrations in the fashion store Awesome Rags.
It was my first real exhibition and I was so proud of myself.
You can really see that my drawing style has changed a lot since then.
It’s good to remind yourself with old illustrations to see how far you have come.

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A Beautiful Birthday Present

A birthday present from my lovely friends Lisa & Philippe.
Thank you so much for this incredibly beautiful and thoughtful gift.
This is actually my first Michael Kors product ever. I can’t believe it’s mine!
I really should start to treat myself some nice things, but I almost never do that.
There must be a change!

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.12.53 Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.12.41

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Two Good-Looking Guys

Now I’m finally done with an order for a customer consisting of two illustrations!
I was very pleased with the illustrations, but it is also thanks to the good-looking models of course.
I hope that they also were pleased with the results.
It’s so much fun to do commissions! I hope I can get more commisions and collaborations with both private persons and companies. So if you are interested in getting your very own illustration, just contact me!

Jonas Carl

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