Art Calendar 2023
Art Calendar 2023
Art Calendar 2023
Art Calendar 2023

Art Calendar 2023

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I am inspired by uniqueness, beauty and style to promote diversity, self-esteem and self-love.
Therefore, I wanted to make a calendar that highlights it every month of the year.

Each month is inspired by seasonal fashion transformed into a unique illustration.
All illustrations are art prints that you can easily pull off and use as a piece of art in your home.
Kind of like a monthly art print gift!

The calendar is entirely made in Sweden.

Nathalie Anna Gill is a one-woman show.
I make all the illustrations entirely myself by hand with love and care.
All products are made to order to minimize wastage.
I only use products and packaging with the environment and sustainability in mind.

The Perfect World Foundation
I've always wanted to give back in some way, so I've chosen to donate to for every product sold The Perfect World Foundation.
I chose this organization because animals and nature are close to my heart and I want to contribute to a better world.

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