My name is Nathalie Anna Gill and I am an Illustrator based in Stockholm.
It all started when I was a small child and finally could hold pencils and crayons! Since then, I have simply not stopped drawing.
Years later, my biggest passions in life are still illustrating and creating.

My illustrations have clear lines, geometric patterns and strong colors.
I am inspired by uniqueness, beauty and style.

Nathalie Anna Gill is a one-woman show. 
I do all illustrations myself by hand with love and care.
All prints are printed to order to minimize paper waste.
I only use products and packaging with the environment and sustainability in mind.

The Perfect World Foundation
I have always wanted to give back in some way, therefore I have chosen to donate to The Perfect World Foundation for each product sold.
I chose this organization because animals and nature lies close to my heart and I want to contribute to a better world.

I offer illustration services within areas such as
fashion, editorial, advertising, books, portrait etc.
For business inquiries such as assignments, projects or ideas,
please contact me! hello@nathalieannagill.com
How to order?
Step 1: Email me your idea and reference pictures to hello@nathalieannagill.com.
Step 2: I make sketches that you will get to approve.
Step 3: I do the work.
Step 4: I deliver the work.
Step 5: I invoice you.

How long will it take?
I make all the illustrations myself by hand.
Therefore, the delivery time may vary.
We together decide a deadline that suits both of us.

You get a quote on your order.
We together discuss a price that both parties are happy with.

Nathalie is an absolutely fantastically good Illustrator.
I sent my pictures to her, which she then illustrated.
I am so happy with the result and can warmly recommend Nathalie.
Mathilda, Customer

A fantastic Illustrator who keeps her promises.
She made a great picture from a tiny, tiny photo.
Asked for some changes which she made right away and it turned out just the way I wanted it. Thanks!
Helene, Customer

Can really recommend this Illustrator.
One day I saw someone who had received paintings from her and then thought that my daughter turns 25 years old and her wedding was postponed, so I thought I would order a painting.
Can not describe in words how happy I was when I got it.
And someone who was even happier was my daughter who was so happy with this gift. Can really recommend Nathalie Anna Gill and can promise that you will be satisfied with her work.
Anneli, Customer

Nathalie created nice and whimsical window decorations for our winter season combined with an exhibition of her illustrations. Both the window and the exhibition received a lot of attention from our guests with many positive comments.
Stefan, Systrarna Andersson

I can highly recommend Nathalie as an illustrator!
She is creative, professional and was responsive to all my thoughts and wishes. The picture was incredibly nice, and to then be able to give away a unique wedding gift picturing the bride and groom felt so fun!
Pia, Customer

Indigo Design Award
Gold in Illustration > Design for Social Change
Silver in Illustration > Graphic Design


Systrarna Andersson
Stockholm, Sweden

Stranger Things Nordic
Färgfabriken Stockholm, Sweden
Docken Copenhagen, Denmark

Hilton Stockholm Slussen
Stockholm, Sweden

Awesome Rags
Stockholm, Sweden

Our studio is located in the heart of Stockholm at Södermalm, with an amazing view over the city. Our building is from the 18th century, with thick brick walls and tiny doors.

Here are my beautiful and creative studio friends!

EMILIE THULIN - Art Director
Instagram: @emiliethulindesign
Website: www.thulindesign.se

Instagram: @seventyfiveyearplan
Website: www.seventyfiveyearplan.com

GINA VIDE - Artist & Illustrator
Instagram: @ginavide & @willowdaygram
Website: www.ginavide.com

For business inquiries or if you just want to say hi, contact us!
Book a meeting and come by for some Swedish fika.

Fjällgatan 34, 116 28 Stockholm

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